We want to create a simple online quoting catalogue solution for office supplies in South Africa to assist the busy modern day secretary and procurement personnel in stationery ordering.

How did we do it?

Being in the industry for many years we spent a lot of time talking and listening to the people most affected. We made a lot of notes and asked a lot of questions and in the end we were amazed at the problems that most office buyers experience.

From severely inexperienced and unfriendly staff, to poor service and continuous stock shortages as well as a bad habit of substituting stock lines with cheaper lines were only a few of the problems that were highlighted.

And why do we think these issues just stood out?

a) Most corporate buyers are housed in large, corporate premises making it very difficult and time wasting for both parties to get together to even meet and discuss business issues.

b) Secretaries in most businesses already have huge workload pressure heaped upon them and the tiresome task of buying office supplies is somehow always left to the busiest person. A solution needed to be found to simplify the buying task and we think we have a solution which can help.

c) In South Africa your average online website catalogue has grown in size and now contains between 4500 and 5000 lines items and continues to grow. Using these cumbersome websites simply means that the secretary is forced to go through pages and pages of lines to find and identify the correct items before being able to place an order. So how can we help you? We really want to change the way you buy your office supplies and associated products.

How do we think we can do this?

1. By creating an efficient ordering process through offering a wireless internet connection to a professionally designed interactive Ecommerce website. We have selected about 500 of the most popular, value for money stock lines available in South Africa. These are the lines that customers are asking for and ordering on a continuous basis and are probably the lines you are ordering as well. Our Ecommerce website is designed to easily adapt to the changing market needs and trends by being able to add to and reduce lines from the stock as they lose popularity or when new and exciting lines are launched. And yes we can add specific lines that you really must have should the situation arise.

2. We have more than 40 years of office supply knowledge and advice available to back up our promise. There is no substitute for knowledge.

3. We want to take a personal interest in your business and do our very best to make your day as simple and as pleasurable as possible. We would even like to think that with our help your business will thrive.

4. We will also back it up with a reliable and consistent level of service to your very doorstep.

5. This would mean nothing if we could not also offer an extremely competitive pricing structure.

“Value is just a click away!”